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All posts for the month March, 2010

Command Line Semantic Web with Redland

I gave a ‘lightning’ talk (actually in about 15 mins) Command Line Semantic Web with Redland on 15th March 2010 at the Semantic Web Austin Meetup during SXSW at Texas Coworking, Austin, TX, USA. Today I recorded it as a screencast and put it online. The embedded Vimeo version is below (best to view full [...]

Flickcurl C API to Flickr 1.17 Released

In the last few days I released Version 1.17 of my Flickcurl C library interface to the Flickr API. It has new complete support for three new recent sets of new APIs. Added 15 new functions for the new Stats API calls announced 2010-03-03: flickr.stats.getCollectionDomains, flickr.stats.getCollectionReferrers, flickr.stats.getCollectionStats, flickr.stats.getPhotoDomains, flickr.stats.getPhotoReferrers, flickr.stats.getPhotosetDomains, flickr.stats.getPhotosetReferrers, flickr.stats.getPhotosetStats, flickr.stats.getPhotoStats, flickr.stats.getPhotostreamDomains, flickr.stats.getPhotostreamReferrers, [...]