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All posts for the month January, 2010

Raptor 1.4.21 released – Raptor 2 GIT work

I just released version 1.4.21 of my Raptor RDF parsing / serialising library to the world. This release is just bug fixes: RDFa parser buffer management problems were fixed. The Turtle parser and serializers now use QNames correctly as required by the specification. The RDF/XML parser now resets correctly to detect duplicate rdf:IDs when a [...]

RDF Syntaxes 2.0

I’ve been diligently ignoring the RDF 2.0 threads on the semantic-web interest list, especially on Syntax since I’ve been there before (Modernising Semantic Web Markup). Firstly I’d endorse what Jeremy Carroll says about the features. I think I’m qualified as an expert on RDF graph serializations / syntax since: I edited the RDF/XML (2004) I [...]