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All posts for the month July, 2009

Raptor RDF Parser Library Version 1.4.19 Released

It has been 13 months and thus long overdue for a new release of Raptor my RDF parsing and serializing library – if it involves going between syntax and triples, Raptor can do it. (My excuse for the long delay I was busy working on Rasqal which is also due a release. Plus it’s lovely [...]

Flickcurl 1.12 – C API to Flickr

Flickcurl (C library to Flickr API) Version 1.12 is out with: Support for 2 new Flickr collections API calls: flickr.collections.getInfo and flickr.collections.getTree Support for 4 new general API calls: flickr.blogs.getServices, flickr.machinetags.getRecentValues, flickr.photos.comments.getRecentForContacts and flickr.places.getTopPlacesList Functions for generating flic.kr short URIs for photos Fix for bug with resetting curl during sequences of mixed read and write [...]