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All posts for the month November, 2006

R3dl@nd Numb3rs

Redland (2000-08 – present) Releases: 76 (all time), 715 (last 12 months). (Timeline) librdf.org hits: 936K (last 12 months) download.librdf.org tarball downloads: 21K, debs: 4K, RPMs: 28K, total site hits: 406K (last 12 months) Freshmeat current subscribers: 132 Freshmeat project page hits: 71K (all time) Sourceforge mirror site: 18K project page hits, 777 downloads (last [...]

Semantic Web Hype

Last week I was at the International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2006) in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and apart from meeting people and talking, I was invited at the last minute by Mark Greaves to speak on a panel titled Web 2.0 and delighted to do so. I presented a few slides discussing how I thought [...]