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All posts for the month May, 2006

XTech 2006: Open Street Map (OSM), Steve Coast

Presentation at XTech 2006 in Amsterdam The Open Street Map/ (OSM) approach is to have both Free Data and Free Software and to add to the data in the wiki style. There are various problems with using UK Ordnance Survey (OS) data including IPR (even with academic licenses), leaving little choice but to use out [...]

Namedropping XTech 2006 Amsterdam

I’ve arrived in Amsterdam and already I’ve bumped into a lot of lovely people – Tom Coates, Paul Hammond, Simon Willison (who were all on the train from the airport, and all Yahoo!s: proof), Matt Patterson, Edd Dumbill, Mark Nottingham, Uche Ogbuji, Bijan Parsia. While I typed this, Libby Miller and Damian “I’m in the [...]

RSS to iCalendar

I made a quick hack and after showing it to a few people at the Jena User Conference 2006 in Bristol, it seems it might be worth showing to people. I had this flash of inspiration^wthe obvious: RSS is a format that is a syndication feed of items with (date, time, description) which sounds remarkably [...]

And one more thing … Rasqal RDF Query Library 0.9.12 Released

As tempting as it was to call this posting Not Blogging the Company, this isn’t about something I did for my employer, so instead I’ve borrowed Steve Jobs’ famous phrase. On Sunday 30th April I announced the release of Rasqal 0.9.12 which has a lot of internal changes but externally it’s mainly for the following: [...]

Blogging the Company

It’s funny but I’ve never really got into blogging about my employer – Yahoo!. This is partially because there are things I can’t say (let’s call that Reason #1) but mostly because I’m mostly working on things that aren’t reaching the public. The company has a policy about blogging too and that’s also a consideration, [...]