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All posts for the month April, 2006

BBC Programme Catalogue Launches with RDF

Now this is cool, and I’ve seen it in demo form for a while: BBC Programme Catalogue is live announces Matt Biddulph. 75 years of BBC programme data, all clickable in a web and ready to browse, search, tags, tag clouds, sparklines of activity. UK TV heaven. No video present but it’ll answer all those [...]

European Semantic Web Conference Tour

I’ve been allowed to escape from the US after 6 months of good behaviour to go to some useful conferences in Europe. Just when the sunshine appears in California. Doh! First to the Jena User Conference in my previous home city of Bristol, UK from May 10-11. I’m not speaking here, so I guess that [...]

Raptor 1.4.9 with Tutorial

Yesterday I released Raptor 1.4.9 and the major visible addition this time is the first version of the new Raptor Tutorial covering all the parsing and serializing functions with working full examples. Used together with the updated Raptor Reference Manual which now covers 100% of the public API of functions, structures and defines, these provide [...]

Refactoring Raptor for RDF Atom

I spend most of my work day writing twiki pages or going to meetings, so I’ve been doing coding on my own time, and presently have been working on refactoring the internals of Raptor‘s XML support. I’ll explain why below. It’s been a long process and probably never ending. The reason I started writing Raptor [...]