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All posts for the month January, 2006

Reading List

Today’s reading list: On the Quality of Metadata… by Stefano Mazzocchi. Read this, then read it again. The lesson I mainly got from this is, as expected, W3C XML schema does not modularise or compose, don’t use it to describe metadata on the web. Ever. There’s more in there too – engaging feedback on metadata [...]

Rasqal RDF Query Library 0.9.11

Yesterday I announced version 0.9.11 of my Rasqal RDF Query Library. It’s another “catching up” edition with changes going back to June 2005. It should be up-to-date with the SPARQL WD 2005-11-23 at least in terms of syntax. All the details are in the release notes and the query demo should be updated soon.

GNU GPL v3 Draft 1

The Free Software Foundation (of which I’m a member) has just announced the start of the discussion on a draft 3rd edition of the GPL. This is the most important free software license today not just because it covers the GNU software but it includes Linux as well as many other major free software (GNOME, [...]

For my birthday I got…

Fog in Sunnyvale A pile of email New Apple products such as the MacBook Pro (Steve Jobs is certainly a keynote presentation genius) A new episode of House Birthday cards, emails, IMs, IRC and real-life greetings, phone and Skype calls. Sadly my employer didn’t buy any new companies today to celebrate, that was yesterday :)

Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit 1.4.8

I am happy to announce a new version of my Raptor library for dealing with syntaxes for RDF. I still call it a parser toolkit, otherwise the PT in raptor wouldn’t be so correct but it’s really more of an RDF syntax, URI and web library. It deals with low-level web detail you don’t want [...]