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All posts for the month May, 2005

Bootstrapping the Semantic Web with Redland

I just presented a talk Bootstrapping the Semantic Web with Redland at XTech describing Redland and how it came about, components etc. There’s a paper also which goes into this in more detail but the cute bit is at the last minute I came up with a demonstration, using the slides themselves as the RDF [...]

XTech and a SPARQLing spring

I’ve had a busy few weeks travelling (I do most of my year’s travel in a 5 week period) first with SPARQLing days in Italy working on SPARQL, WWW2005 in Tokyo talking about Redland, SPARQL and a bit of microformats panel fun. Next is the exciting finale, XTech in Amsterdam Tuesday-Friday. I’m talking about Bootstrapping [...]

SPARQL reference update

Just made a minor update to the SPARQL RDF Query Language Reference summary. A few errors fixed, a few additions.

Learn SPARQL Today!

If you want to learn about the SPARQL (SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language) now is a great time to do it as there are some new materials available: Introduction to RDF Query with SPARQL Tutorial as given at WWW2005 by Steve, Eric, Andy and myself on Monday. All available for reuse. SPARQL RDF Query [...]

WWW2005 day 2 – keynote by Eric Brewer

The second day started with an interesting keynote from Eric Brewer of UC Berkeley: The Case for Technology for Developing Regions with emphasis on sustainable, practical and local ways to apply technology (ICT as usually called) in developing countries. Included lots of examples of self and local help to use appropriate technology and deal with [...]