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All posts for the month December, 2004

SPARQL is … fun

I was pleased that the W3C RDF Data Access WG (DAWG) agreed (minutes yet to appear) to my proposal to finally decide the meaning of the name SPARQL being used for the query language and protocol we’re making. This re-defines my initial naming so now SPARQL stands for: SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language Lovely! [...]

SPARQL Variable Binding Results XML Format WD 2004-12-21

I just became the editor of a new W3C Working Draft: SPARQL Variable Binding Results XML Format published today 2004-12-21 as part of the RDF Data Access Working Group (DAWG) work I participate in. Like the title says, it defines an XML format to write down the SPARQL (SPARQL Protocol and Query Language, pronounced sparkle) [...]

Camels and Rubber Duckies by Joel Spolsky

Camels and Rubber Duckies (Joel on Software) by Joel Spolsky. On pricing software. I have just finished reading his book Joel on Software and have now been sucked into reading his articles. The book is quite irritating in many places but he’s such a good writer with lots of Opinions (yeah yeah) and has occasional [...]

Using an iPod with Linux

Using an iPod with Linux – hurrah for crashing US$ exchange rates!

XTech 2005 Call for Participation

The XTech 2005 Call for Participation has just been announced. It’s what was formerly XML Europe but now covers a wider area of tech, in areas that are rather hot at the moment – Browser Technology which could be called the Web Application platform, and includes all the buzz in the web on mobiles. Open [...]