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All posts for the month October, 2004

Rasqal 0.9.3 now with SPARQL

Today I announced the release of Rasqal 0.9.3 which follows a day after Raptor 1.4.0 was announced for good reason, it needs it. The main reasons for this release are firstly continuing the license change to LGPL 2.1/Apache 2.0 for the Redland libraries but more importantly, to add initial support for the draft SPARQL Query [...]

Raptor 1.4.0 – Serializing RDF

Today I announced the release of Raptor 1.4.0 which actually adds a new major part of functionality to Raptor – serializing. Although this is a major change but didn’t break older APIs so the temptation to call it raptor2 was only slight. This means Raptor can now do both parsing: syntax to RDF triples and [...]

Munging Planet RDF

Sam Ruby says in his slide Munging from his slides on the pitfalls around Unicode, XML and HTTP: Planet RDF will take HTML and run it through a iso-8859-1 to utf-8 conversion This is not quite correct. The code behind PlanetRDF uses the source blogroll to get the RSS feed URIs. These are fetched and [...]

Redland and RDF inside Ubuntu

I had a nice surprise at the weekend while playing with a daily CD of the new debian commercial distribution Ubuntu. As I watched the packages being installed and wooshing up the screen, I was surprised to see libraptor1 and then librdf0 fly by. It turns out that because Ubuntu includes a full python developer’s [...]