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All posts for the month September, 2004

Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit 1.3.3

Announced version 1.3.3 of the Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit with all new license, as previously mentioned. It’s now LGPL / Apache 2.0. It also has several improvements and fixes over 1.3.2 – get it now! License changed to LGPL 2.1/Apache 2 Added a new Unicode NFC checker Rewritten URI parsing and resolving code Added configure [...]

Redland contributions

A couple of contributions to Redland popped up in the last few days. Better throw them to the web before I head off to the next event XMLOpen in Cambridge (the real one) where I’m speaking about Redland. librdfutil PHP Redland support library from Morten Frederiksen providing several things related to the MySQL store, the [...]

Photos of FOAF Galway and Dublin, Ireland

Photos from FOAF Galway, Galway city and Dublin, Ireland. Now I have to work out how to get into the foaf-galway tag on del.icio.us.

Ports ‘n ebuilds for redland-bindings

[FreeBSD] Ports ‘n [Gentoo] ebuilds for redland-bindings (2004-08-13) on Russell Andrew Cloran’s blog Distilled Illusions (via Danny Ayers)