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All posts for the month August, 2004

Redland license changes (Proposed)

I just posted my proposal for Redland license changes, in summary from LGPL / MPL to LGPL / Apache 2. Let’s see if people like this.

sparta.py and http.py by mnot – RDF and HTTP made easy

I just re-discovered sparta.py 0.5: RDF made easy by Mark Nottingham (mnot). He says: the next step for sparta is to wrap Redland as well as rdflib. Nice. He’s also got a good looking REST (get, post, delete) API in Python too called http (that link should annoy google) of which there is more about [...]

Redland bugs in Gentoo Linux

Redland bugs in Gentoo Linux including Bug 61558 – Redland-bindings ebuild incorrect dependancy

FOAF Galway Programme

Announcement of the preliminary programme of the SWAD-Europe FOAF Workshop @ DERI Galway, Ireland, 1-2 Sept 2004.

Developing a URL structure for broadcast radio sites

Developing a URL structure for broadcast radio sites… by Tom Coates. How they ended up with the URL design for BBC Radio 3 programmes.