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All posts for the month July, 2004

Redland Porting Hints

Just dashed off some quick Porting Hints for Redland, Raptor and Rasqal mostly for win32, based on what I’ve heard from various people and described in email from time to time. I’m pretty confident Raptor is straightforward, quite confident about Rasqal (no requirements but Raptor) but then Redland and the language bindings can take a [...]

Parsing 8G of RDF/XML

Last week the UniProt in RDF Format was announced by Eric Jain. This includes a 700Mb gzipped RDF/XML file in the data area. That’s 8369854785 bytes of RDF/XML. So, of course I had to throw my Raptor parser at it to see if it’d survive. Round 1, it died with this error: $ gunzip < [...]

DOAP part 4 – Launching the DOAP vocabulary

Just out is Describe open source projects with XML, Part 4 by Edd Dumbill for XML Watch, IBM developerWorks aka DOAP part 4.

FOAF driven development paper for FOAF Galway

Just wrote FOAF Driven Development, my position paper for the FOAF Galway workshop run by SWAD-Europe and DERI.

Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit 1.3.2

Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit 1.3.2 is announced and is a minor update with the following changes: Added support for compiling against expat source trees (patch from Jose Kahan) Added raptor_alloc_memory to allocate memory in raptor, typically needed by handler routines on win32. Make errors in fetching WWW content pass to the main error handler. Added [...]