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All posts for the month May, 2004

Semantic weblogs++

I have just made some updates to my Semantic Weblogs page with a few new people, mostly what I’ve called occasional semweb bloggers. The ones in the main list are those that feed Planet RDF directly as already described by Edd in Planet Blog but it might not be quite clear how the content gets [...]

RDFDB for win32 and MDDB

Jasper van de Gronde popped up on the redland-dev list with some bugs and fixes for Raptor on win32 with MSVC6 (i.e. not cygwin). Turns out he’s been working on what I’ve called RDFDB/win32 which is a much modified port of RDFDB to Win32 and has now switched to using Raptor for the parsing. Somewhat [...]

W3C and Atom

The Courtship of Atom by Kendall Grant Clark (XML.com) reports on the W3C/Atom discussions – would the W3C be a good home for it? I attended the 2004-05-18 ad-hoc meeting in New York that Kendall mentions. I don’t think the Atom people necessarilly see the semantic web activity as the natural home, but it might [...]

Berners-Lee Keeps WWW2004 Focused on Semantic Web by Paul Ford

Berners-Lee Keeps WWW2004 Focused on Semantic Web by Paul Ford (XML.com)

My photos from New York and WWW2004

My photos from New York and WWW2004. Must look at the w3photo site.