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All posts for the month April, 2004

SWAD-Europe SKOS API for thesauri web service

Finally got the Announcement of SWAD-Europe SKOS API for thesauri web service out describing the work Alistair, Nikki and I have been doing at the SKOS API site. There were always last minute changes that delayed us before this. The code is coming together too and we have some thesauri ready to use.

New Ruby API for Redland

Last week, a proper native Ruby API for Redland was pretty much completed (with a few required changes to core Redland) by Dominic Sisneros which I was very pleased to see. It is available at the Rubyforge site project ruby-rdf along with extensive class documentation. It seems to have converted the C parts to more [...]

XML Europe 2004 Trip Report

Posted my XML Europe 2004 Trip Report for the SWAD-Europe Weblog. Nearby, there are my Amsterdam photos, mostly outside rather than in conference sessions but I caught Edd and Steve’s curiously large beer.

Document Action: ‘application/rdf+xml Media Type Registration’ to Informational RFC

Document Action: ‘application/rdf+xml Media Type Registration’ to Informational RFC (IETF Announce), 2004-04-19. The MIME type RFC edited by Aaron Swartz has not been an assigned RFC number yet, but it is ready to go. The Mozilla folks have been tracking this in bug 61839 for some time and are now considering how to support it. [...]

No more evil firmwares in Debian

The Debian Release Manager Anthony Towns recently summarised the position after a long thread and later updated the Release Critical Issues for Sarge document. The kernel maintainer responded with a message Purge of firmware to recommence Mostly the intention long-term seems to be to rip out the dubious binary firmwares in the source in hexdump.c [...]