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All posts for the month January, 2004

Redland RDF Application Framework 0.9.15 released

I’m so happy to announce to to the world that Redland 0.9.15 is released. It is, as always, too long since the last release but reading the news page I seemed to do better in 2003 (3) than 2002 (1) since I was concentrating on Raptor releases: 2003 (7), 2002 (4). Lots of new stuff [...]

Medusa, RDF, and Redland

Medusa, RDF, and Redland by Curtis C. Hovey (aka Sinzui / Essence) thinking about using redland for the GNOME search/metadata system Medusa. He likes the use of standards but needs a solid and fast database with an extensible schema and good search. Maybe going to GNOME storage later.


RDF in PNG by Ross Burton on adding RDF into PNG images with the tEXt field, like I was doing with pngmeta years ago now with a new tool PyPNG. Once I’ve fiddled with the library design a little I’ll write a PNG Explorer (hmm, png:/// in Nautilus is tempting) and a Metadata Editor for [...]

Quick and Easy IPv6 for Debian

Quick and Easy IPv6 for Debian (The ChangeLog)

Accepted raptor 1.2.0-2 (i386 source)

Accepted raptor 1.2.0-2 (i386 source) – Raptor with Turtle Terse RDF Triple Language enters debian unstable.