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All posts for the month June, 2003

Raptor RDF Parser Debian package

Raptor RDF Parser Debian package – my first RDF software packaged for debian. It is a sponsored upload, I’m not a Debian developer.

OpenGuides – network of free, community-maintained city guides

OpenGuides – network of free, community-maintained city guides. The new home of Grubstreet which will be moving there shortly. OpenGuides includes both the open content and open source software to use it. Our technical policy: to provide the maximum possible amount of metadata about things in our guides in RDF, in order to facilitate integration [...]

N-Triples editor’s draft 2003-06-26

N-Triples editor’s draft 2003-06-26 with some fairly minor changes apart from updating typed literals to remove language.

RDF/XML editor’s draft 2003-06-23

RDF/XML editor’s draft 2003-06-26 with all the changes after last call merged in (bar some spell checking, doc formatting). Corresponds to the CVS version 1.501, the last published WD 23 January 2003 was 1.463.

How (Not) to Grow a Technology

How (Not) to Grow a Technology, Kendall Grant Clark, XML.com. On common ways to grow XML technology, he seems to have missed out vendor-controlled.