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Open to Rackspace

I’m happy to announce that today I started work at Rackspace in San Francisco in a senior engineering role. I am excited anticipating these aspects: The company: a fun, fast moving organization with a culture of innovation and openness The people: lots of smart engineers and devops to work with The technologies: Openstack cloud, Hadoop [...]


Digg just announced that Digg Engineering Team Joins SocialCode and The Washington Post reported SocialCode hires 15 employees from Digg.com This acquihire does NOT include me. I will be changing jobs shortly but have nothing further to announce at this time. I wish my former Digg colleagues the best of luck in their new roles. [...]

Releases = Tweets

I got tired of posting release announcements to my blog so I just emailed the announcements to the redland-dev list, tweeted a link to it from @dajobe and announced it on Freshmeat which a lot of places still pick up.. Here are the tweets for the 13 releases I didn’t blog since the start of [...]

Rasqal 0.9.21 and SPARQL 1.1 Query aggregation

Rasqal 0.9.21 was just released on Saturday 2010-12-04 (announcement) containing the following new features: Updated to handle aggregate expression execution as defined by the SPARQL 1.1 Query W3C working draft of 14 October 2010 Executes grouping of results: GROUP BY Executes aggregate expressions: AVG, COUNT, GROUP_CONCAT, MAX, MIN, SAMPLE, SUM Executes filtering of aggregate expressions: [...]

End of life of Raptor V1. End of support for Raptor V1 in Rasqal and librdf

Raptor V1 was last released in January 2010 and Raptor V2 seems pretty stable and working. I am therefore announcing that from early 2011, Raptor V2 will replace Raptor V1 and be a requirement for Rasqal and librdf. End of life timeline Now Raptor V1 last release remains 1.4.21 of 2010-01-30 Raptor V2 release 2.0.0 [...]